Featured Editorial | Fierce & Fearless: Unleashing Post-Apocalyptic Glamour


Fierce & Fearless: Unleashing Post-Apocalyptic Glamour

In the heart of Charlotte, amidst the remnants of a bygone era, an unconventional fashion spectacle unfolded. At Camp North End, where history and modernity converge, three models brought to life a vision of beauty that defies the boundaries of time and circumstance. Marissa Banach, Sheri Bee, and Casey Jones, under the artistic direction of makeup maestro Kae Ingram (KaeOtic Beauty) , emerged as the epitome of post-apocalyptic style and resilience.

Against the backdrop of Camp North End’s industrial relics, reclaimed as a canvas for creative expression, photographers Adam Forcade and Bryce Holden captured the essence of a world reborn from chaos. The concept, conceived and organized by Kae Ingram of KaeOtic Beauty, seamlessly blended fashion, art, and a dash of the dystopian.

The collaborative effort of this editorial extended beyond the models themselves. Makeup Artist Kae Ingram’s vision was instrumental in bringing this post-apocalyptic glamour to life. Her artistry transformed the models into living canvases, conveying stories of strength, courage, and resilience.

The choice of Camp North End as the backdrop for this creative endeavor was a stroke of genius. The juxtaposition of the models against the backdrop of industrial ruins served as a metaphor for humanity’s capacity to adapt, evolve, and redefine beauty even in the face of adversity.

“Fierce & Fearless: Unleashing Post-Apocalyptic Glamour” transcends conventional fashion editorials. It celebrates the human spirit’s resilience and creativity, reminding us that beauty can flourish even in the most unexpected of places. This visionary editorial not only challenges our perceptions of glamour but also inspires us to embrace the fierce and fearless within ourselves.

Cover Photo by Adam Forcade

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