3 Benefits of Music Programs for Children


Music has powerful mental, physical, and social advantages. Learn about the benefits of music programs for children and why they should be available for all.

Music classes provide a wide variety of physical, mental, and social benefits for children. It’s more important than ever to ensure schools and other community organizations allocate resources to keep music programs active. Check out these benefits of music programs for children.


Playing an instrument increases brain power, which is particularly important for growing kids. Increased brain power can improve concentration, which helps kids in many parts of their lives, such as school.

Early exposure to music also helps children improve language development and memory. Singing or playing an instrument can even enhance a child’s attention span. Since practice makes perfect when it comes to music, young people need sustained concentration to succeed. Music can also accelerate brain development, enhancing fine and gross motor skills and sensory development.


When children participate in group music activities, such as choir or orchestra, they learn the importance of working together toward a common goal. Everyone in a band contributes to the music. Children involved in music programs know they need to work hard to achieve the objectives of the group, so they learn teamwork skills.

Being involved in a music program also exposes children to new experiences. Music is a powerful tool to bring people together, so kids will learn about inclusion in their music programs. No matter where you come from, music can help you bond with unlikely people!


A somewhat unexpected benefit of music programs for children is increased physical capabilities. Although you may not realize it, musicians use their core and arm muscles to play. For instance, if you play the violin, you need to hold the bow at a certain angle, maintain good posture, and breathe with the music. Your entire upper body works hard to produce beautiful music!

Children who sing in a choir or play wind and brass instruments use their lungs and diaphragm to produce sound. Over time, consistent deep breathing techniques help them build strong lungs. Performing music is highly dependent on steady breathing, so the activity can also act as a natural stress reliever and decrease blood pressure.

With so many physical, mental, and social benefits of music programs for children, it’s essential to keep them funded. If you’re looking for ways to raise money for your local school or community organization, try out some band fundraising ideas that actually work. Young people should always have unlimited access to the performing arts because music matters!

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