How To Sell More Books as a Self-Published Author

Self Published Author

Struggling to sell books as a self-published author? Learn our tips for selling more copies without working with a traditional publishing house.

Being a self-published author is a great way to get your story into the world, but it also comes with unique challenges. Without the help of a traditional publisher’s marketing team, self-published authors must discover their own strategies for standing out to readers. Keep reading to learn how to sell more books as a self-published author.

Build an Audience on Social Media

Social media is a free, accessible way for self-published authors to build and maintain a loyal base of readers. Use social media platforms to promote your books, announce upcoming deals on your books, or drum up hype for your next release. Create content that appeals to readers in your genre or with similar interests. If you need ideas for ways to build a following online, try scrolling through the #authortok or #booktok tags on TikTok. Many authors have successfully built a following on TikTok and used it to promote their self-published books.

Leverage Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements are amazing opportunities to sell more books. Seek opportunities to speak virtually or in person at bookstores, libraries, universities, conferences, and book clubs. During these engagements, follow tips for selling books at speaking engagements, like signing books after your talk, to encourage more readers to purchase copies of your book. These engagements can also be a great time to continue building your online following and interact with some of your followers.

Collaborate With Other Authors

Partnering with fellow authors in your genre or niche for cross-promotion can offer both of you a way to market your books to a wider audience. Share other authors’ posts on social media, hold a joint author event, or host collaborative giveaways to tap into each other’s reader base. Networking with fellow authors can also allow you to learn how others are marketing their books and gain new insights into strategies you can use.

Navigating the world of self-publishing can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Now that you know how to sell more books as a self-published author, you can expand your book’s readership and continue to make your story heard.

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