How Musicians Can Stay Safe While on Tour

Going on tour is an accomplishment for every musician but ensuring that everyone’s safe is important. Take on your tour by learning how to stay safe.

Touring musicians face unique challenges when it comes to staying safe while on the road. Between performing at various venues, exploring new cities, and traveling the world, there are plenty of opportunities for things to go awry. To keep the good vibes flowing and ensure your time on the road is enjoyable, you must prioritize safety for both you and your bandmates. Here’s how musicians can stay safe while on tour.

Securing Your Home Base

Setting up a secure home base is essential, whether you’re playing at festivals, clubs, or other unique venues. But picking a place isn’t that simple. You need to consider parameters like lodging options with a strong security reputation—think hotels with keycard access and ample security cameras. Be mindful of who you share the location with, and always lock your doors and windows when you leave. Additionally, consider investing in a portable door alarm for extra peace of mind.

Taking Care of Your Gear

Your instruments and equipment are your livelihood as a musician, so protecting them while on tour is crucial. Always store your gear in locked areas and use tracking devices to monitor their whereabouts. Don’t forget to back up your data regularly (both physically and digitally), including recordings and important documents.

Staying Safe Onstage and on the Road

Staying safe while on the road is just as essential as staying safe while onstage. Firstly, always ensure your vehicle is in good working order. Regular maintenance checks are crucial, including tire pressure, brake function, and oil levels. Also, avoid driving in extreme weather conditions whenever possible. Assign a designated driver who’s well-rested and sober to prevent accidents due to fatigue or impaired driving. And don’t forget to pack safety equipment for your trip. These items can help when most needed!

Onstage, be aware of your surroundings. Stay clear of pyrotechnics and other stage effects unless you know their operation. Use personal protective equipment, such as earplugs, to protect your hearing from loud amplifiers and crowds. Always have a clear and open path to exit points in emergencies. Also, don’t forget to constantly communicate with your team about potential safety concerns or issues.

Going on Tour: Stay Safe

Remember, maintaining safety while on tour ensures a smoother experience and allows you to focus on what you do best: creating and delivering incredible music experiences for your fans.

But remember that you need to rest between sets, as touring takes its toll on your physical and mental well-being. While traveling, you might make unhealthy decisions, so start making healthy food choices, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep now. Also, adopt a hobby to help yourself decompress between shows.

The life of a touring musician is an exhilarating ride filled with incredible opportunities to connect with fans and experience new places. By prioritizing safety and proactively protecting yourself, your bandmates, and your gear, you can focus on what’s most important: sharing your passion for music and creating lasting memories.

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