Hops and Hogs Festival 2021 – Orlando Amphitheater

Hops and Hogs

Hops and Hogs Festival, put on by Stage Left Entertainment, was held in Orlando, FL, on 4/10/21, for the very first time, at the outdoor Orlando Amphitheater. It has been over 14 months since I’ve last covered a concert and let me tell you, it feels amazing to be back. Walking into the venue, there were numerous vendors ready to feed and provide goods to the fans in attendance. Later in the day, I ended up trying some buffalo chicken tots, which were absolutely amazing. The event was sponsored by Monster Energy, who handed out free Monster Energy drinks the entire day, which was awesome.

It was coming to the time for the event to start and let me tell you, I was so excited. Like I said earlier, this was the first concert that I’ve covered in over 14 months, so I was ready to go like a kid at the toy store. Kicking off the festival was Grin Cynic, a hard rock band from South Florida. This was my first time seeing these guys perform and I enjoyed their music. Their set lasted for about 30 minutes and brought some great energy, with some hard hitting rock tunes. A great choice to open up the festival, in my opinion. 

Grin Cynic Setlist

Stealing Time

All For Nothing


No Quarter

Hold On


Fly High

Next up was a solo acoustic act, Brett Wiscons. This was also my first time seeing him perform and I definitely was not disappointed. He played a mix of original and cover songs, for roughly 30 minutes, and his acoustic vibe was much softer and relaxing compared to the opening band, Grin Cynic. This was an awesome change of pace, as the crowd was still arriving and the weather, at this time, was beautiful. If you haven’t checked out his tunes and you’re into acoustic style jams, I highly recommend that you do.

Brett Wiscons Setlist


Don’t Be the One

When You Can’t Breathe

Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town (Pearl Jam cover)

Tip Me in Tequila


If You Could Only See (Tonic cover)

Late Bloomer

At this point in the day, I started to remember how hot Florida music festivals get. The sun was out, more fans were showing up and I realized just how much I had missed live music. Moon Fever, a band from Los Angeles, California, was next to hit the stage. Their sound is very classic rock, mixed with a modern vibe, which really captures the listener, as it puts a modern spin, on a timeless sound. I did get a chance to listen to these guys prior to the festival but this was also my first time seeing them live. They bring tons of energy to the stage and really do a great job in keeping the energy up throughout their set. I can definitely see these guys being on major tours in the future, as they bring that “A-Game” mentality to the stage.

Moon Fever Setlist


Ride with me

Cheap thrills


Do you want me

Shaking off the evil

Medicine man

Lost and found

I got a chance to walk around the venue for a little bit, after Moon Fever’s set, and feel out the vibe of the festival. You could feel the energy of the fans who were there, as I knew they were just as excited, as I was, to be back at a live music festival. Next to perform was a southern rock band, Jive Mother Mary. I had never heard of these guys before but they performed a solid set filled with catchy riffs and bluesy southern rock guitar solos. Myself, being a bit of a music gear snob, really enjoyed seeing some of their vintage instruments on stage, to go along with their catchy sound. Check these guys out if you haven’t already, for some soul filled southern rock.

Jive Mother Mary Setlist

Look at Me Now (Good God Amighty)

The Long Odds

Save My Soul

Hope It Ain’t That Bad

Have A Cigar

I Tried To Let Go

I Can Still Be Your Man

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Next up on stage was a band that I have seen many times before, dating back to 2008 being the first time I’ve seen them live, when they opened for Avenged Sevenfold. What else can be said about Saving Abel other than being true road warriors and veterans in the music industry. The energy that they bring to the stage is second to none and they really do a fantastic job of getting the crowd’s energy amped up and getting them to participate throughout their entire performance. They played all of their best hits, including their platinum hit, “Addicted”. I will say this, if you haven’t seen Saving Abel perform, definitely make an effort to go see them when they’re in your town. Not only do they put on an awesome show, they are some genuinely nice guys off of the stage, as well.

Saving Abel Setlist

New Tattoo



The Sex Is Good

Let It All Out

You Make Me Sick

Mississippi Moonshine

18 Days

Drowning (Face Down)


Unfortunately, just as Saving Abel finished their set, the weather took an unexpected turn for the worst and the remainder of the festival had to be canceled for safety reasons. I commend Nick and Stage Left Entertainment for taking these measures, as fan and artist safety is top priority. Overall, up until the bad weather hit, the day went great. Everything went smooth, staff was more than accommodating and really made it a joy to cover Hops and Hogs Festival. I would also like to give a shoutout to Steve Pond, the festivals MC. He came to check on us photographers, numerous times throughout the day to make sure we had everything that we needed, which really made me feel welcomed and appreciated. I’m looking forward to the 2022 Hops and Hogs festival, as this one was truly a joy to be a part of.

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