Falling in Reverse – “The Drug in Me Is Gold” Tour 2020

Falling in Reverse’s “The Drug in Me Is Gold” Tour

Falling in Reverse – “The Drug in Me Is Gold” Tour made a recent stop at Jannus Live in St Petersburg, FL. Opening up the show was The Word Alive. I was super excited to see these guys as I had never seen them live before and heard nothing but good things. I will say this, they definitely did not disappoint and the crowd’s reaction solidified this as everyone was rocking out and singing along to every song. They played a short but solid set including the songs “Trapped,” “MONOMANIA” and “Why Am I Like This?” They have a new album coming out February 21st,  so I definitely recommend checking it out.

Up next was a band that I have loved for a long time, Escape the Fate. If you have not seen them live yet, their set is filled with extremely high energy, catchy tunes and guitar solos that will melt your face off. They played quite a few of their hit tunes including “Gorgeous Nightmare,” “Broken Heart” and “10 Miles Wide.” One thing that I love about this band is they sound almost identical performing live as they do on their records, which blows me away because their songs aren’t easy from a musician standpoint. This was the only band I had access to photograph for the evening, so be sure to have a peek at my gallery of Escape the Fate.

When Falling in Reverse finally hit the stage, they opened with the song “The Drug in Me Is Reimagined.” It was an eerie feeling as singer, Ronnie Radke sang the opening of the song acapella style, under a single spotlight. It really grabbed my attention and kept my eyes glued to the stage.  As their set continued, it was filled with tons of energy and the crowd was engaged the entire time. They played other songs including “Popular Monster,” “The Drug in Me Is You” and “Just Like You.” I definitely enjoyed their set and would gladly see them perform again.

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