KOTA! releases new single “Killin It”

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KOTA!, the dynamic and genre-defying artist known for her infectious blend of rock-pop fusion, is excited to share her new single “Killin It.” The single is an anthem of empowerment and resilience and is available now on all streaming platforms for any playlist shares. The song showcases KOTA!’s signature style and reflects her deep-seated passion for music and storytelling.

“Killin It” debuted today at That’s Good Enough For Me and is inspired by a tarot reading that sparked a conversation about strength and empowerment, “Killin It” is a tribute to resilience in the face of societal challenges.

KOTA! shares, “This song is for all of us who have been pushed down by society, and I hope it’ll especially be a girl power anthem!” Produced in collaboration with Asa Bennett, the track combines heavy riffs, catchy pop melodies, and anthemic rock energy, reminiscent of influences like No Doubt and Nirvana.

Describing the creative process behind “Killin It,” KOTA! recalls, “The tag line, ‘I’m killin’ it,’ came immediately—it seemed like the perfect anthem lyric to show off the strength we all have inside.” Drawing from her diverse musical upbringing and early experiences in the industry, KOTA! has crafted a song that resonates with authenticity and power.

Growing up KOTA! would listen to the radio with her parents, easily recognizing her favorite bands and songs. With both parents being writers (screenwriting and nonfiction) , she was immersed in a creative environment from a young age, often spending time on sets (horror short movies) and crafting her own stories. 

By the age of five, KOTA! was already writing, and by nine, she was recording her original songs in a family friend’s recording studio in her hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico. This early start marked the beginning of a lifelong journey in music, one characterized by constant experimentation and growth across various genres.

Throughout her teenage years, KOTA! explored a wide range of musical styles. She studied dance, wrote pop songs, and played in numerous high school garage bands. Over the past 15+ years, her involvement in both solo and band projects has helped her develop a unique songwriting style that seamlessly blends the diverse elements of her musical education.

Known for her distinctive fashion sense and vibrant persona, KOTA! infuses her music with a mix of girly and grunge aesthetics, drawing inspiration from icons like Gwen Stefani and Alexander McQueen. Her recently released single “Dead Pretty” encapsulates her vibrant persona with the line, “Everything is better with some glitter on your face.”

Looking ahead, KOTA! is eagerly preparing to bring her new material to live audiences, with plans to embark on a tour in 2025. KOTA! has seen, done, and experienced it all in her time as an artist. She finds no greater joy than making an impact on her fans, affectionately known as her “besties,” whether it’s at a live show or through an Instagram DM. Everything she does is fueled by her love for each and every one of her supporters. With a heart full of gratitude and creativity, KOTA! is ready to take the music world by storm.

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