Everything That Can Go Wrong During an Office Relocation

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So much can go wrong during an office relocation. Avoid these mistakes to ensure a smooth transition for yourself, your business, and your employees.

Whether it involves moving to a bigger location or a smaller one, it’s all a transition period. Businesses continue to shift due to things like the rise in hybrid work and labor shortages, and relocation may be necessary. Avoid everything that can go wrong during an office relocation and get back to business.

Lost Documents

A loss in documents and inventory really hurts a business. Every piece of information affiliated with the company is vital. Don’t run the risk of losing important information during the move.

Take inventory of every item in the office and keep a spreadsheet. Place the sheet inside a shared drive so that everyone can access it. Store all electronic documents in the cloud in case physical copies go missing. Also, it helps to include the IT team. They’ll handle all the technical areas and sensitive information. Plus, they know how to pack and transport electronics.

Rushed Moving Date

Haste makes waste. Waiting until the last minute to prepare for the move results in disaster. Everything will go wrong on the moving day, so give yourself plenty of time to prepare and move.

The process should start three to five months before the actual move. This gives you plenty of time to set up and prepare the new space and start packing. Plus, the extra time helps employees get their affairs in order.

Broken Equipment

One of the biggest problems you need to avoid is broken equipment. That’s why hiring movers for office relocations is extremely beneficial. These companies come with insurance that covers you in case items get lost or damaged.

Plus, they know how to properly reassemble furniture such as desks, cubicles, and monitors. Moving companies come with the correct supplies to protect everything you need to move. Don’t worry about collecting boxes, tape, and bubble wrap for large items because the movers come with everything you need.

Losing Business

Don’t let the upcoming move affect any current business. Notify clients and customers of the upcoming move so they know about the change in operations. Moving can affect your business if it interferes with meetings or any other important client/customer dealings.

Schedule the move around important dates so that it doesn’t become an inconvenience. Additionally, remember to update the address of your office. Owners often forget to do this part and miss out on important pieces of mail that require their immediate attention. Send an update to all partners and clients and post updates on social media profiles and the company’s website.

So much can go wrong during an office relocation, but that doesn’t mean your company needs to go through it.

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