4 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Password

A blank desktop monitor rests on a teal background. In front of it is a notification showing a lock and a password field.

A good password is the first line of defense against unauthorized access to your personal and professional accounts. After all, strong passwords create strong access controls for your most important information—and strong access controls play a crucial role in preserving your privacy in our digital world.

Yet, many people still overlook the importance of regularly updating their passwords. This can leave them vulnerable to cyber-attacks, identity theft, and a host of other security issues.

Knowing when to update your login information can make all the difference in protecting your online presence. Here are some clear signs that it’s time to change your password.

Security Breaches

If a company or service you use has experienced a security breach, you need to change your password immediately. Update your credentials as soon as you hear about the breach. This proactive approach can prevent unauthorized access to your accounts.

Receiving Notifications of Unauthorized Access

One of the most obvious signs that it’s time to change your password is you receive notifications of unauthorized access. If you get alerts about login attempts from unfamiliar devices or locations, take action immediately. Hackers often test stolen passwords on multiple accounts, so even a single notification should be a red flag. Ignoring these warnings could result in losing access to your accounts or having your sensitive information compromised.

Unexplained Changes in Account Settings

Unexplained changes in your account settings could be an indicator that someone has access to your login information and is using it to access your account.These changes could include modified security questions, altered recovery emails, or even changes to your profile information.

If you notice any of these alterations and you didn’t make them, it’s likely that someone else has accessed your account. Change your password immediately to secure your account, and review your security settings to ensure they are up-to-date.

Difficulty Logging In

Experiencing difficulty logging into your accounts can also be a warning sign. If your password suddenly stops working and you’re sure you’re entering it correctly, someone else may have changed it. In such cases, use the account recovery options to regain access and change your password immediately. This will help you lock out any unauthorized users and regain control over your account.

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